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Products & Partners

We do our own installations or work directly with the manufacturer, we don’t sub-contract. First hand understanding of how products are made combined with the hands on experience of how they are used, has created strong relationships with our suppliers. We are confident in our product decisions and receive top notch support from the manufacturers. Factory training and genuine parts replacement added to our employee experience make for a great team.

Hunter wheel service equipment

LIft Works is the premier distributor for Hunting Engineering Equipment in New England! Hunter Engineering Company designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of passenger car and truck service equipment including: Computer-based wheel alignment systems Vehicle inspections systemsWheel balancersbrake lathesTire changers and more!


We have been a Red Oval Distributor of Rotary Lifts since the program inception. We fix them all, but it’s Rotary where we hang our hat. When one of our Rotary Authorized Installers does the installation, your warrantee is automatically enhanced.

Air Compressors

Every shop is a little different and so are the needs for compressed air. Whether you prefer the quiet efficiency of a rotary screw manufactured by Kaesor, or the proven durability of a reciprocating Saylor Beall, let us help you design your system.


Lincoln has the best lubrication equipment to meet the needs of automotive service professionals. Lift Works can design, sell, install and service your Lincoln Lubrication and /or used fluid System.

Exhaust Extraction

The state-of-the-art system for efficiently removing toxic exhaust fumes from auto repair facilities and dealership service departments. This Euro-styled system gives your facility a clean, modern, professional appearance. Let us help you choose one of the 3 unique systems: above ground/rail systems, above ground/telescoping systems, and in-ground systems. We will perform the installation and service when needed.